Potlucks Stir The Change For Ethical Lifestyles

UFC organizes potlucks to help build stronger communities of conscientious vegans who care about animals, the environment and the planet as well.
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Chaas (Buttermilk)
  • Cold Coffee
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Ice-Cream
  • Tofu Curry
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Toasted Butter Sandwiches
  • Chocolates
All the enlisted dishes were made without the use of dairy or meat! These are only a preview of some of the tempting dishes on the dinner table at an open-house event held at Andheri West, Mumbai, this Sunday on 8 April 2019. The potluck was organized by United By Compassion, which is a group of vegans across Mumbai. But, these vegans do a lot more than just eliminate dairy and meat from their lifestyles. They walk their talk as well. They organise street activism, talks & seminars, workshops and chalkathons. The aim of the event is to enable the rapidly growing community of conscious activists to create  awareness of animal cruelty across the world and encourage  others to make better food choices.

Why Potlucks

The focus of the potluck, was of course, the food. “There is a huge lacuna in the information available out there about how farm animals are treated,” stated Shweta Savla, head of UFC. “Most non-vegetarians, animal lovers or even the vegetarians who consume milk and other dairy products are not aware about how animals are tortured in the farms and the inhumane practices meted out towards them. And it all starts with the food. This way, people realize that ethical foods are delicious as well.”   The potluck was an open event, inviting all vegans and activists to join the meet-up and bring along one vegan dish and bring their non-vegan friends and relatives. The idea is to expose all to dairy-free foods that are so yummy, that often new comers cannot believe that the dishes like cakes, gulab jambuns, cheesecakes brought by other members excludes dairy.  

People Speak

  Manan Desai, who joined the potluck for the first time said, “The food was just amazing and very delicious. I was surprised to find vegan versions of dairy and non-veg items like vegan chaas, cake, chocolate, vegan chicken biryani.”.   He continued, “I met some amazing vegan activists involved with United for compassion who are spreading the cause of Veganism through their outreaches, seminars and other activities.” Sumedha, another new-comer, had turned vegetarian a few months ago. She was interested in knowing how dairy-free curds and buttermilk could be made home for her family.

More Than Just About The Food

  “Such events are very effective for community building,” stated Mohit Shah, A UFC core-member. “When people taste such foods, they realise that they do not need to consume milk or meat. People have started realizing that even though they may not be killing the animals themselves, they pay for the milk or eggs they buy and are directly responsible for the animals’ welfare as well.”   UFC organizes a range of events every month. Join the WhatsApp group for stay tuned to the website for forthcoming event details.

India’s first Zero-Waste Natural Holi celebrated in Mumbai

UFC organized Holi using natural ingredients that were natural and bio-degradable, that left the skin  fresh and radiant the next day.   21 March 2019, Mumbai: Animal rights activist group, United For Compassion UFC), organized a zero-waste Holi party at Mumbai’s first vegan store, Rare Earth, Khar, Mumbai on 21 March 2019. The organizers arranged for natural colours sourced from beet, papaya peels, tomatoes, multani matti, corn flour (besan), coriander leaves and so on to play Holi. The festival used minimal water and ensured that there was no wastage of materials at the end of the festival.

Unique Concept

The unique event was conceptualized by UFC activist and yoga instructor, Nikita Solanki, to convey a strong message to people across India to celebrate Holi naturally without harming our skin and the environment as well. The event eliminated the use of organic or chemical colours. Nikita Solanki stated, “If we celebrate Holi in this unique manner, we can set an example to other people to follow the same environment-conscious principles in their own way for not only Holi, but other festivals as well.”  

Green Holi

UFC advocates for the celebration of a cruelty-free Holi so that innocent animals like stray animals, farm animals and local birds are not teased or ill-treated. Shweta Savla, Head of UFC stated, “Many people have not yet understood that animals do not enjoy Holi. Often people throw colours on stray dogs and cows and the chemicals in the colours can harm these innocent creatures and damage their eyes. Dogs and cats often lick themselves and if the chemicals are ingested, the effects are dangerous and can even be fatal.”  

India’s First  Plastic-Free & Zero-Waste Festival

Special efforts were made by the organizers to source the natural colours for festival. Dhruv Solanki, one of the core-members of UFC said, “We sourced vegetables and fruits from the local market at very economical prices. Most of the veggies and fruits were of second-grade quality. They were clean, though not edible. We brought the materials home the previous day, cleaned the veggies and fruits well. We added some water to tomatoes, beet, papaya peels and coriander leaves to extract natural colours like red, scarlet pink orange and green. We brought ready packets of multani matti and besan, which are also every good for the skin. Moreover, we collected ash from Holi pyres the previous evening and fallen flowers from local plants as well.”   The event was a huge success and the venue was packed to the brim with people who enjoyed playing with these harmless and unique colours. We pasted each other with all these elements and even squashed tomatoes over each other’s heads. The venue partners served dairy-free thandai and chilled coffee as well.  


The following day,  the revelers gushed that their skin felt radiant after the celebrations. The multani matti and turmeric are  natural exfoliating agents that helped the face and skin feel fresh. This was very unlike regular Holi being celebrated that left oily streaks on the skin, which would not wash off for many days, and irritates the eyes as well.  
Note: All expenses incurred in events not directly related to animal-activism are borne individually by UFC activists.