Mass Appeal, One Sceptic At A Time

16-Dec 2018, Shivaji Park: On Saturday evenings, most of the working people are on their way back home relieved that they can relax and connect with family and friends during the weekend. But not for this Mumbai-based group. After college or work, members of United For Compassion head to a predetermined location to group, exchange warm greetings and set up their iPad floor stands.

Once their equipment is setup, they invite people to view short videos or approach walkers, students or engage passer-bys in sparing a few minutes of their time. “Most people stop and listen, as we are not here to sell products or we are not part of any marketing campaign,” said Pankaj Maurya, one of the senior members of UFC. “Most people are first intrigued, then appalled about the conditions of the dairy industry and the brutally honest videos of the conditions of agriculture farming in India and across the world,.” added Shweta Savla, Co-Founder of UFC.

This motley group of passionate animal lovers, all dressed in black self-designed hoodies with messages of peace, go beyond the scope of regular responsibilities to create awareness in the society. “Everyday, in some way, via whatsapp or social media, we are constantly sharing news or facts and studies that throw light of the atrocities of the dairy industry. Initially, most people show signs of indifference, or are sceptic, but once we show them videos, the reality sinks in“, pointed out Mohit Shah.

Since the UFC animal liberation march on 1 December in the same area, UFC had organized one in Bandra last week as well. UFC encourages people to ditch dairy and meats through talk, videos and distribution of printed informational booklets as well.

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